Who We’ve Worked With


Torey Thomas has been a client since 2010 and is a 13 year international basketball veteran currently playing in Quimper, France. During his career Torey played in Sweden, Holland, Poland, Russia, France, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia, Italy, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, Serbia, Turkey. He is a proven veteran with 4 Season MVP awards as well as Defensive Player of the year honors.

Entrepreneur, business owner, motivator, Torey doesn’t let one only one thing define his legacy. Involved with multiple projects and ventures strives at each of those.

Our collaboration expands over a decade and it has been truly remarkable, and we’re thrilled to see his professional career thrive as a leader in his community.


Tactical Intelligence

Community Outreach For Gun Safety Practices

Our approach to community outreach is by building relationships and partnerships within the community. Every day, having conversations with the public to hear what the community may have concerns about. In order to build a stronger relationship, it is important for our communities to know who we are and what we are about. What we need is ongoing education Gun Safety in our communities so that when we do reach out to them, it is not only during a crisis. 

Our goal is to bring awareness to Gun Safety and practices for children and adults to help minimize accidental shooting that may cause death. We will conduct speaking engagements, training sessions and events that give perspective on how a weapon operates. We provide education in a shooting range, classroom or controlled environment. Enhancing relationships and engagement; enriching knowledge gathering; and embracing organizational change in Law Enforcement policy's and procedures. We aim to help end racism in city government and promote multiculturalism in communities.

Tactical Intelligence is intended primarily to respond to the needs of community leaders so they can plan for and, if necessary, conduct operations to unite the community.